Wings of the World Vintage Luggage Label Stickers

Wings of the World Vintage Luggage Label Stickers

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Journey back in time with these vintage labels reproduced using authentic ephemeral art from a bygone era. They’re terrific for scrapbooking, card making, art projects & decoupage, class assignments, luggage, instrument cases, storage boxes, electronic devices and more. Each label in the set is an individual, stand-alone sticker so you can share some with friends or simply frame them to create a beautiful wall display. Plus, they come in a sturdy, re-usable decorative box that’s perfect for storing your own memorabilia like event tickets, trinkets, photos and postcards.  Box contains 20 stickers.

Box size: 6 x 4.75"

Note: The exact dimensions of each label will vary slightly depending on its particular shape.

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