Our story


“The world’s best stickers, all in one place.”  That was our vision when we launched Sticker Planet into orbit in 1992, and it’s still our vision today.  We believe that stickers are far more than paper and glue...they make people happy, add fun and beauty to the world and make anyone feel like an instant artist!  Just like people, stickers come in many shapes, sizes and styles, and our goal is to bring all that diversity into one easy-to-shop place so that everyone can find that special sticker to make them smile.

We’re a multi-generation, family-owned business with entrepreneurship and creative arts in our souls.  Our dad’s first job was selling Good Humor ice cream bars from a bicycle pushcart in New York City, and our mom got her early training in Manhattan’s apparel industry.  Decades later, they combined their talents and life experience to open a store selling stickers and scrapbooking supplies.  A few years later we “kids” joined them, and our family’s been stuck on stickers ever since. 

Our company’s gone through some changes over the years, including the loss of our dad to ALS, but we’re proud to say that our joyful little sticker store is still going strong at its birthplace, the historic Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles, California.  Every day we welcome customers from across the city and around the world.  It’s fun to watch people step into our store, wide-eyed at our diverse array of stickers.  We like to say that “if it sticks, we will carry it”, and we pride ourselves on having something for every age and interest.

Many customers have asked us to sell online, and now we’ve decided to go for it!  With the launch of this website, we are excited to offer a careful curation of amazing stickers … just like you’d find in our brick and mortar store where we sell stickers both in packages and from the rolls that line our walls.  We feature companies that offer the highest quality in printing, workmanship and design.  No matter what you use stickers for, we want you to be delighted with your purchase. 

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience here!  We’ve tried to make it easy for you to find the exact sticker you’re looking for.  You can shop by the sheet for individual stickers from our rolls, browse by categories & topics or do a general search for any subject you can think of.  Give it a try, let us know how we’re doing and offer any suggestions you may have.  And if you’re in Los Angeles, please stop by and see where all these fun stickers live…it’s an experience you won’t forget.

Happy stickering to you!

Hilary Kraft and Richard Kraft, aka “the kids”